Connected Parenting Training

With the recent Empowered to Connect Simulcast finishing up, many parents are wondering HOW to take the next steps.  Below is a great place to start.

2017-03-28 04.00.26But it takes more forward movement of course!  Some suggestions to get you started:

  1. Read the Connected Child – it contains the critical information to get stared with Connected Parenting (TBRI).
  2. Look for some additional training opportunities.  At TFM we are planning on hosting an afternoon seminar a few weeks after Easter to give parents a chance to explore Connected Parenting further.
  3. Enroll in a multi-week parent training class that explores the content of the afternoon seminar in much greater details to help you start actually practicing Connected Parenting/TBRI.
  4. Enroll in some individualized parent coaching through TFM as you problem solve and apply Connected Parenting every day with your children.

Keep an eye on this website for specific details coming soon.  You can also see our Facebook page, Transformational Family Ministries.  In the meantime, enjoy any of the content you find helpful on this website.  You can also shoot us an email from here too.  You are NOT alone!



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