What will YOUR next step be?


Have you finished an Empowered to Connect Conference/Simulcast and want to take the next step…


You have read The Connected Child or have had some exposure to TBRI/Connected Parenting and want to grow stronger in your connected parenting practices.


As founders of Transformational Family Ministries and Empowered to Connect Parent Trainers (as well as adoptive parents to four children from hard places), we would love to support and encourage you as you take the next steps.  We know how VERY helpful it was to be around other parents who “get it” and we hope that you will experience that as well.  But we have a few options and need your input.

 First – please tell us more about your family including the ages of your children.

 Second – where are you located?  We live in Woodland which is 15 or so miles outside Sacramento on Interstate 5.  We assume most of you are in the greater Sacramento area and are willing to travel some to take the next steps.  But there IS a possibility that we might be able to convene in another community beyond Woodland. So, let us know where you are from and how able you are to travel to Woodland or???  By the way, we normally aim to have groups or classes on Thursday nights so as not to interfere with other church obligations.  Mondays is also a possibility if more folks tell us it is the better night.

 Third: what are you looking for?  More TBRI/Connected Parent training?  Ongoing support – practical “how did you do it” kind of help w/ a little formal learning each week?  Or a combination of both?

Because there are a few ways we can help:

  • CONNECT PARENT TRAINING CLASS. This ETC 9-week class is designed to really immerse a couple into the connected parenting life.  There are several reading assignments and weekly homework designed to give you chances to practice what you are learning.  It is “the full meal deal” and was so helpful to us.  However, ETC does insist that both parents attend and single parents will need to find a supportive partner that will attend with them (because sometimes you really need to tag team it!).
  • MODIFIED PARENTING CLASS COUPLED WITH AN ONGOING SUPPORT GROUP. This adaptation of the ETC 6 week Prepare course moves more quickly (still taking 6-7 weeks) but does not require extensive reading (however 1 or 2 books are HIGHLY recommended) relying on short video clips from ETC and TCU featuring Dr. Karyn Purvis.  Each session does give some time for support conversations and after the training module is over the “class” converts to an ongoing support group.
  • CONNECTED PARENTING SUPPORT GROUP. This would be a support group setting with a short video based TBRI educational component for the first 8 weeks or so.  After that the format can adapt to meet the needs of the group.

We are preparing to launch something by mid-May so please try to connect with us as soon as you can.


Due to the fragile nature of our children from hard places, many parents are understandably reluctant to put their kiddos in a new and strange location with caregivers they do not know.  This can trigger some children.  Most find it easier to leave their children at home with a trusted caregiver which also has the added benefit of some alone time traveling that can be profitably used to further discuss the things being learned.  Because of this and the expense it would incur we do not provide childcare.  We hope this is not a hardship and understand that it could be.

But if folks purchase their own books (which allows them to choose Amazon Kindle or used versions to save money) and donate towards snacks – we can offer the classes and/or support groups at no charge.

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