Who We Are


Eric & Amy Osborn.

Eric and Amy have been married 33 years and are adoptive parents to four wonderful special needs children (ages 12-25) who deal with a variety of issues (fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), attachment disorders, sensory processing disorders (SPD), learning handicaps, and autism).  After receiving his B.A. Eric and Amy moved to Portland, Oregon to pursue ministry training, receiving his Masters of Divinity w/ an Education concentration in 1994.  After serving in church ministries for over a decade, they entered into the world of education where Eric taught senior and junior high for four years and elementary aged children for the past seventeen years and Amy home schooled their children.  After obtaining certification and training in several different alternative methods for teaching and parenting children with special needs, Eric and Amy authored the book, Peace In the Midst Of… a short guide for encouraging parents of special needs children.

Peace in the Midst Of …


Their passion is helping parents navigate the often choppy waters of parenting children from hard places.  Though the road can seem dark, there is hope!  You are not alone.