Am I Ready to be Coached?


How well do you understand the basics of Trust Based Relational Intervention / Connected Parenting?

Do you feel stuck – you think you know what you are supposed to do but can’t seem to find ways to do it?

Do you have an end goal (behavioral etc.) in mind but aren’t sure what steps to take to make that happen or how to take those steps?

Does your child/children have an actual diagnosis?  If so, do you understand that enough to explain to others what it means and how it effects your caregiving?

Do you think you understand the differences between coaching, mentoring and counseling?  At TFM we do a little mentoring to help parents grasp the knowledge they need to have and then use coaching to help them discover ways they want to use that knowledge. It is important to us that you have the proper expectations.

Have I looked at the How Does It Work Page ?

If you can answer the above questions, you are ready to be coached!

GO TO THE How Formal Mentor/Coaching Works at TFM

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Please remember, we are not experts, nor are we experts on your children.  You are.  At TFM we do not pretend to be counselors or experts in any field.  Like you, we are parents of unique children. We struggled for years to find good information and for connection with others going through a similar journey.  When we finally found that after more than fifteen years of looking, we dedicated ourselves to helping other adoptive parents find the same kind of support, education and encouragement that we finally found.