How Can This Happen

How can all this happen?

  1. Empowered to Connect parent training classes.   empowered_hope_180x150        These classes are closely modeled after Drs. Purvis & Cross’ excellent book The Connected Child which teaches parents to use a Trust Based Relational Intervention approach (TBRI) with their special needs children.  This is a proven method for dealing with children from hard places.
  2. Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) training and support.  Primarily through the FASD Sac Valley support group (see link in sidebar of this page) and training seminars and conferences on FASD and how to work with your FASD child.
  3. Mentor/Coaching support for parents.  Providing individualized support as parents seek to implement new ways to parent their special needs child (see the Mentor/Coaching page on this website for more information).


Please remember, though we have received multiple trainings and done extensive reading and research, we are not experts.  Only you are an expert on your children.  At TFM we do not pretend to be counselors or experts in any field.  Like you, we are parents of unique children. We struggled for years to find good information and for connection with others going through a similar journey.  When we finally found that after more than fifteen years of looking, we dedicated ourselves to helping other adoptive parents find the same kind of support, education and encouragement that we finally found.