What Is Coaching?


Coaching is helping people get where they want to go, usually by having a conversation (or series of conversations) that helps them discover ways to do that.

So, in our context here at TFM, that means helping caregivers who have already acquired some critically needed information offered in our classes and workshops (and who are experts on their own children) to further discover and implement specific solutions to the challenges they might be encountering.  Because coaching is such a powerful and effective way to help people help themselves, we embrace coaching as one of the ways we seek to help parents with their special needs children. 

This can be done informally as part of the Empowered to Connect classes OR can be a more formal arrangement.  Contact us if you are interested in this kind of support or would like further information about having a Mentor/Coach.

Comparing Coaching with Other Helping Methods


Please remember, we are not experts, nor are we experts on your children.  You are.  At TFM we do not pretend to be counselors or experts in any field.  Like you, we are parents of unique children. We struggled for years to find good information and for connection with others going through a similar journey.  When we finally found that after more than fifteen years of looking, we dedicated ourselves to helping other adoptive parents find the same kind of support, education and encouragement that we finally found.  Thus TFM was born.