Empowered To Connect Conference & Simulcast – April 13 & 14!

Here are some local(ish) locations for the Empowered to Connect Conference/Simulcast coming up on April 13&14th:
1. River City Christian
10933 Progress Court, Rancho Cordova, CA,
Email: chosenones@rivercitychristian.org
Phone: 916-861-2240
2. Living Water Church
9766 Waterman Road, Elk Grove, CA, Suite F
Email: katelynm@holtinternational.org
Phone: 541-687-2202 ext. 1112
3. Crossroads Church
1101 Auburn Ravine Road, Auburn, CA
Email: ken@crossroadslive.com
Phone: 530-268-2539
If you want to get a powerful jump start to practicing Connected Parenting (TBRI) this is the perfect way to start. Follow it up with a 6 or 9 week parenting class and you will be on solid ground to better meet the needs of your “child from hard places” (a.k.a. suffering from neurodevelopmental trauma). If you are perplexed and dismayed by your child’s behavior you might really want to investigate this! You will be glad you did.

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