Re-Do – Versatile Parenting Tool


We have found that using the Re-Do tool in parenting works very well.  It gives us a chance to correct playfully and gives them a chance to practice doing the right things.  It doesn’t waste lots of time “telling” them or lecturing (which is totally a waste of time with children from hard places).  It really can be a very positive and connecting moment.

Of course, it isn’t always – Re-Do is difficult to do if the child is “in the moment” (a.k.a. in a melt-down or emotional state).  Better to help the child self-regulate and when they are calmer, try the Re-Do if you think it will go well.

And be careful about Re-Dos with teenagers – it can absolutely be done but be careful that it doesn’t come across as condescending or “treating them like a baby.”  Teens generally don’t respond well when they think that is going on.  And there are times when a Re-Do might feel humiliating.  Food for thought – hope it helps!

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