The Legacy of Trauma

ftac-logoBecause a child has experienced trauma and loss the child’s brain has “adapted” by wiring itself in such a way as to survive the best way the child knows how.  This “rewiring” can lead to a variety of problems for them.  An inability to trust and attach to their new caregivers sets the stage for tremendous difficulties.  So too, brains that are locked into the “fight, flee or freeze” mode do not always access the higher brain function areas that children so need to get along well with the world around them. 

With so much seemingly working against these children and those who love them, it may be tempting to feel defeated and believe there is little hope.  Many families parenting such children feel this way.  But as daunting as these realities are, there is SO much hope.  Research shows that brains CAN rewire themselves when the child begins to realize he or she is in a safe and loving environment.  When they don’t have to live in constant fear and trauma, their brains slowly begin to adapt to their new environment.  But the process can be agonizingly slow and it takes a heavy toll on the families who are literally giving those precious children a chance for a better life day in and day out.

That is why they need our support.  We all have to be in it for the long haul. There is no quick and easy fix for these children.  But there IS hope! God loves these children.  Their welfare concerns Him greatly.  And we praise God that He made the human mind so pliable.  It is these children’s hope IF they have families who will stand by them and love them.  Coming alongside these families increases their chance of success with these precious but difficult to parent children.   

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