Happy Independence Day!

fireworksHave a wonderful 4th of July everyone!  Sometimes children from hard places can react poorly to the loud noises of fireworks (especially if they have sensory processing issues or autism).  A few tips that might help:

  • Try observing fireworks a little farther away or in the car to help reduce the volume.
  • Perhaps you could have the child wear headphones or use some type of ear plugs to help reduce the sounds.
  • Cuddle up with you child on your lap and try to quietly applaud whenever something is super grand.  Helping them focus on the spectacular can take their mind off of the stuff they don’t like (time for “ooh” and “aaaah”).
  • But, bottom line, if you already know they react very poorly to such noises you would be better off watching them on TV rather than having a melt down somewhere live.
  • I am sure you can probably come up with even better ideas!  Hope it helps.

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